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SMU Assistant Professor of Psychology Jacinth Tan.
Published on 10 January 2024
As a university, SMU has showed continued commitment to creating meaningful impact by engaging with the community and conducting research with direct societal impact. One of the most important considerations for multi-racial and multi-religious Singapore is to ensure that the diverse population lives harmoniously together – an area which overlaps with SMU Assistant Professor of Psychology Jacinth Tan’s research interests in social status and inequality.
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The award-winning movie Joyland was produced by SMU alumna Apoorva Charan.
Published on 17 April 2023
Life can sometimes take you down unexpected turns, and it is not uncommon to discover one's true calling along a road less travelled. Such was the experience of SMU alumna Apoorva Charan, who has carved out her own path as a film producer following her graduation.
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SMU President Prof Lily Kong (centre and on screen) at the World Cities Summit 2022, in a panel discussion on “What does the future hold for cities?”.
Published on 30 September 2022
In a post-pandemic world, rocked by geopolitical crises, the future of cities has never been more uncertain. Whatever they should look like in the future, leaders should always place humans and their needs at the forefront of city development, said Professor Lily Kong, SMU President and Lee Kong Chian Chair Professor of Social Sciences.
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