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Odyssey 2024: Charting the Voyage
Published on 8 May 2024
SMU Odyssey – an annual student-led mentoring platform for professionals and students to forge connections – this year, embraced the theme Charting the Voyage and drew together close to 800 participants, including 220 alumni and 38 C-suite speakers across various industries.
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Guest of Honour Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for Economic Policies, Mr Heng Swee Keat.
Published on 5 December 2023
Financial services are a key sector of Singapore’s economy, contributing around 14 per cent of our GDP and employing nearly 190,000 workers. It is also a highly competitive and fluid sector – financial crises add to its volatility, while geopolitical risks and technology can create massive challenges. At the same time, every challenge can also present an opportunity – but it is critical to have good leadership for the financial sector.
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Mr Ho Kwon Ping (front left) and his wife Ms Claire Chiang, with his personalised SMU graduation bear.
Published on 10 February 2023
On 10 February 2023, SMU paid tribute to its longest-serving Trustee and Chairman, Mr Ho Kwon Ping who had stepped down from the position. Over two and a half decades, Mr Ho had made an incredible impact on the University and its growth, so it was only fitting that his contributions were recognised by both current and past members of the SMU Board of Trustees and an illustrious guest list of VIPs during the Appreciation Event for Mr Ho held at the SMU Hall.
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SMU Academy has launched a suite of programmes focusing on the latest innovations arising from Web 3.0 .
Published on 21 September 2022
We're still in the early days of Web 3.0, so it's hard to predict exactly how it will play out. But some things are already clear: For one, the metaverse will play a starring role – a virtual space where people can interact and do business.
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Level Up And Future-Proof Yourself
Published on 27 March 2019
In a bid to create a future-ready Singapore, SMU and Alibaba Cloud have joined forces to launch a series of courses to upskill Singaporeans and get us Smart Nation ready.
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