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Implementing SMU Vision 2025: A blueprint for transformative education strategies
Published on 12 October 2020
SMU has set digital transformation, sustainable living, and growth in Asia as the three priority areas for the university’s next phase of growth. These priorities will guide the development of SMU’s strategies for realising SMU Vision 2025. Among these strategies are: a continued focus on transformative education and cutting-edge research.
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An Aligned Vision
Published on 27 March 2019
When Professor Timothy Clark was himself an undergraduate, universities were mere purveyors of a straightforward education. Institutions of higher education were more focussed on an academic education – with minimal emphasis placed upon the application of research in the real world or preparing students for their careers after university. As Prof Clark recalled, “we were not well-supported to think about our futures beyond the university”.
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SMU’s fifth President, Professor Lily Kong, making her inaugural address
Published on 26 March 2019
It’s no secret the world we live in is caught up in a maelstrom of change. To manage this rise of emerging trends and disruptions — in society, the economy and the environment — institutions of higher education can no longer remain insular bastions of age-old knowledge. Instead, universities of today have multiple roles to play, said Professor Lily Kong at her inaugural address on 12 February, as the newly appointed President of SMU.
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