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SMU President Professor Lily Kong delivering her State of the University Address 2020.
Published on 12 October 2020
SMU Vision 2025 was first unveiled in 2014 and now enters its second phase. In her second annual State of the University Address on 4 September 2020, SMU President Professor Lily Kong reiterated the vision for SMU — becoming a world-renowned global city university, tackling the world’s complexities, and impacting humanity positively.
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SMU’s fifth President, Professor Lily Kong, making her inaugural address
Published on 26 March 2019
It’s no secret the world we live in is caught up in a maelstrom of change. To manage this rise of emerging trends and disruptions — in society, the economy and the environment — institutions of higher education can no longer remain insular bastions of age-old knowledge. Instead, universities of today have multiple roles to play, said Professor Lily Kong at her inaugural address on 12 February, as the newly appointed President of SMU.
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