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SMU's OUB Chair Professor of Computer Science David Lo.
Published on 8 March 2024
SMU Professor David Lo has been honoured as a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). ACM Fellows represent the most prestigious member grade in ACM, the largest professional organisation for computing, which boasts a global membership of 110,000.
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(L–R) Assoc Prof Orlando Woods, Director of SMU Urban Institute; Prof Timothy Clark, Provost of SMU; Mr Piyush Gupta, SMU Chairman; Ms Sim Ann, Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and National Development; Prof Lily Kong, President of SMU; Prof Archan Misra, Vice Provost (Research) of SMU.
Published on 28 February 2024
The new SMU Urban Institute (UI) is dedicated to multi- and inter-disciplinary research on cities in Asia and was launched in response to trends that underscore a critical need to prioritise urban research. These include the rapid urbanisation of many Asian cities, and the need for policymakers to face increasingly complex and pressing challenges when it comes to balancing urban growth with the development of resilient and sustainable cities.
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SMU Assistant Professor of Psychology Jacinth Tan.
Published on 10 January 2024
As a university, SMU has showed continued commitment to creating meaningful impact by engaging with the community and conducting research with direct societal impact. One of the most important considerations for multi-racial and multi-religious Singapore is to ensure that the diverse population lives harmoniously together – an area which overlaps with SMU Assistant Professor of Psychology Jacinth Tan’s research interests in social status and inequality.
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SMU President Professor Lily Kong addressing the audience.
Published on 30 October 2023
SMU President’s State of the University Address 2023 touched on significant developments, strategic priorities, as well as future endeavours. It took a new and engaging format in embracing SMU’s people-centric thrust: faculty, staff and students shared their experiences and achievements through a series of videos that formed Prof Kong's compelling narrative.  
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Breaking new ground with research into governance and policing.
Published on 30 September 2023
Research remains integral to our creation of sustainable yet liveable cities. Ideas from research can be informative to policymakers and help to change the way we understand societal issues and navigate problems.
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SMU Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship Liang Chen.
Published on 21 July 2023
While upgrades to mobile games would seem to be a good thing for users, especially in cases where they are included as part of the customer’s licence, there can sometimes be negative repercussions.
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Some 170 academics and practitioners of accounting and corporate governance shared and discussed 36 papers looking at different areas of research.
Published on 20 July 2023
SMU hosts the 2023 MIT Asia Conference in Accounting.  
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Forum speakers and representatives from SMU and CUHK.
Published on 18 July 2023
SMU and The Chinese University of Hong Kong host global forum on Computational Social Science.
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The National Council of Social Service (NCSS) partnered with researchers at the SMU Lien Centre for Social Innovation for the study.
Published on 16 June 2023
SMU Study: Framework needed to raise the bar for quality volunteer experience Depending on the stage of life that they are at, volunteers can have starkly different resources, responsibilities, and even motivations. Hence, social service agencies (SSAs) need to learn more about volunteers and match their experiences and expectations to the volunteer tasks.
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SMU Assistant Professor of Psychology Kimin Eom.
Published on 20 March 2023
As we strive for a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us, research into prosociality has brought about ground-breaking implications in psychology. A term that is also used in sociology and evolutionary biology, prosociality refers to behaviours that benefit other individuals or society as a whole. This includes altruism (giving voluntary assistance without any expectation of reward), cooperation (collaborative behaviour through joint activity) and helping behaviour (providing assistance in response to another's need).
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