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(L–R) Veronica Wong, Megan Teo, Yew Jing Zheng and Ng Ding Xian, with Dr Ma Kheng Min (centre).
Published on 4 December 2023
SMU’s business-case club, Team Cognitare, continued its strong showing this year when its team was awarded the title of Global Champion – over 19 others – at the prestigious Thammasat Undergraduate Business Challenge in October this year.
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Graduates cheering on their fellow cohort mates.
Published on 28 August 2023
Graduation is a celebration of our students’ hard work and achievements – an important period of their lives draws to a close as they stand on the cusp of the next phase of their journey through life. This is why SMU calls this a “commencement”, to signpost it as the beginning of a new journey ahead. Over five days in late July, the 3,737-strong Class of 2023 celebrated the successful completion of their education journey at SMU.
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The Karim Family Foundation's endowed contribution of S$2,000,000 is the single largest alumni gift to SMU.
Published on 20 March 2023
The Karim Family Foundation has made a generous contribution to SMU with the establishment of the Karim Family Foundation Scholarship. The new scholarship was announced at a Gift Ceremony held on 27 February 2023, at the SMU University Lounge. This scholarship was initiated by SMU alumni Cindy and Chayadi Karim, who graduated from SMU in 2014 and 2015 respectively. They are the children of Bachtiar Karim and Dewi Sukwanto, Principals of the Karim Family Foundation.
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Mr Ho Kwon Ping (front left) and his wife Ms Claire Chiang, with his personalised SMU graduation bear.
Published on 10 February 2023
On 10 February 2023, SMU paid tribute to its longest-serving Trustee and Chairman, Mr Ho Kwon Ping who had stepped down from the position. Over two and a half decades, Mr Ho had made an incredible impact on the University and its growth, so it was only fitting that his contributions were recognised by both current and past members of the SMU Board of Trustees and an illustrious guest list of VIPs during the Appreciation Event for Mr Ho held at the SMU Hall.
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SMU’s School of Economics has partnered AIA Singapore to pilot a new Actuarial Science Work-Study Elective.
Published on 22 September 2022
Every day, people interact with insurance products and services. Whether it is car insurance, health insurance, or life insurance, most people have some type of policy to protect their valuable tangible or intangible assets. Behind the scenes, there is a team of professionals who work diligently to ensure that the products offered are affordable and meet the customer's needs.
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SMU ensured undergraduates continued to have access to global exposure during the pandemic. [Photo: Klaus Vedfelt, Getty Images]
Published on 16 March 2022
The importance of global exposure for future leaders has never been more pressing. The world is changing at a breakneck pace, and an overseas experience during tertiary education helps broaden our view of what's happening elsewhere in this wide-open universe we call home.
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SMU Learning Innovation Festival 2021. [Photo: Blue Planet Studio, Getty Images]
Published on 7 February 2022
Over many decades, university has been the final stop for many students before they venture into adulthood. It stands as an institution that tests and challenges those who enter, providing them with knowledge to be ready when it matters most-the real world.
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SMU President Prof Lily Kong urged the higher education sector to recognise diversity in its multiplicity at THE Leadership and Management Summit 2020.
Published on 2 March 2021
In recent years, diversity, equity and inclusivity (DEI) have become more than mere buzzwords in business organisations. Instead, effective DEI initiatives have grown to serve as critical drivers for organisational success. In particular, the events of 2020 have propelled DEI issues to the forefront, with impactful social movements and effects of the pandemic resulting in greater proactivity in achieving true diversity and inclusion.
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SMU is one of 33 universities worldwide which have committed to upholding mobility and diversity in higher education.
Published on 13 August 2020
Mobility and diversity are crucial to higher education, and a new statement signed by 33 university leaders from over 20 countries commits to upholding these values at a time when they are under duress. It is crucial to “continue to enable the cross-border flows of students, and the cross-cultural interactions that can only make the world a better place”, said Professor Lily Kong, President of SMU and one of the signatories of the statement.
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A new and improved SMU undergraduate Core Curriculum began in Academic Year 2019-2020
Published on 22 November 2019
A new and improved Core Curriculum begins in Academic Year 2019-2020. Professor Elvin Lim , Dean of the Office of Core Curriculum, explains the impetus behind the changes.
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