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Accounting and Corporate Governance

Some 170 academics and practitioners of accounting and corporate governance shared and discussed 36 papers looking at different areas of research.
Published on 20 July 2023
SMU hosts the 2023 MIT Asia Conference in Accounting.  
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Associate Professor Winston Chow.
Published on 18 July 2023
SMU a partner for the inaugural International Conference on ESG and Climate Governance
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Assoc Prof Seow Poh Sun received the prestigious American Accounting Association’s (AAA) Outstanding Accounting Educator Award 2023.
Published on 17 May 2023
SMU School of Accountancy (SOA) Associate Professor Seow Poh Sun recently garnered recognition for his excellence as an educator when he received the prestigious American Accounting Association’s (AAA) Outstanding Accounting Educator Award 2023.     
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SMU has been ranked #1 in two categories in the latest BYU Research Rankings (Photo: Getty Images, Perawit Boonchu)
Published on 23 May 2022
In a post-pandemic world, accounting research has proven essential to helping businesses navigate uncertain times and build a stronger future. During an unprecedented era such as this, researchers lead the charge in understanding how Covid-19 has changed how we do business and what the new normal will look like.
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Assoc Prof Seow Poh Sun has spearheaded numerous technology-enabled learning tools during his career. (Photo: Getty Images, Anya Berkut)
Published on 23 May 2022
As digital technology continues to transform the world, it is clear that the traditional model of accounting education needs to change.
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SMU SKBI Panel Discussions on ESG Measurements & Standards 2021
Published on 5 October 2021
Sustainable, responsible, and impact (SRI) investing is on the rise. But with SRI investing called out as “marketing hype” by sceptics like Mr Tariq Fancy, the former chief investment officer for sustainable investing at BlackRock Inc, the importance of measuring and assessing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact on investment is more pertinent now than ever before. 
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Mr Hau Koh Foo, Director of the SMU Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, authored an article, "Steering Startups: From Adviser to Director".
Published on 2 March 2021
Raising funds, building a team, designing a breakthrough product, and taking that proof-of-concept to market are some of the many hurdles startup founders have to overcome in their nascent entrepreneurial journey. With such a daunting list of tasks to tackle, it comes as no surprise that building an independent board of directors is seldom a priority for multitasking bosses.
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Accounting education should be radically transformed in order to future-proof students in this age of automation
Published on 18 February 2021
The robots are coming. Indeed, in many cases, they are already here — tech-enabled automation has taken over many manual, routine tasks across industries including accounting, and that will continue to happen at an accelerating rate.
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