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SMU Dean, School of Economics, Prof Hoon Hian Teck
Published on 10 March 2020
Professor Hoon Hian Teck was appointed the Dean of the School of Economics this year, after an extensive and rigorous global search spanning almost two years. He is a stalwart of SMU, having joined the university in 2001, just a year after its inception.
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Professor Chandran Kukathas, Dean-designate of the SMU School of Social Sciences.
Published on 28 March 2019
When Professor Chandran Kukathas recalls his time as an undergraduate in the 1970s, he remembers what he describes as rather carefree days, despite having considerably fewer available resources compared to students of this era. “There were many inconveniences back then, including the problem of getting access to readings in a world without the internet, PDF files and digital journals. What I most envy of my students now is how much material is at their fingertips,” he said.
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