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Corona crisis and inequality: Why management research needs a societal turn.
Published on 21 June 2021
The Covid-19 pandemic has devastated countries and individuals around the world. Lives were lost, plans were put on hold, milestones were celebrated in isolation, and a shared sense of loneliness and despair has rippled across the globe. But, as much as we have taken to social media to lament our circumstances — and share our Circuit Breaker baking accomplishments, we have most certainly not suffered equally as a community.
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The growth of the gig economy has been supported by digital technology.
Published on 14 September 2020
The growth of the gig economy is one of the many changes that have arisen due to the pervasive reach of new technologies over the past decade. Jobs such as the Grab driver and Foodpanda delivery person arose due to the launch of new digital platforms.
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