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Staff from SMU’s Office of the Registrar with seniors from the Thye Hua Kwan Active Ageing Centre (Bukit Merah View) on an excursion to the S.E.A. Aquarium.
Published on 8 March 2024
Volunteerism is an integral part of SMU’s DNA and staff and students alike actively engage in diverse types of community service. Staff from SMU’s Office of the Registrar found a meaningful way to build bonds with their colleagues last year when they accompanied seniors from an active ageing centre on an excursion.
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Mr Ong Ye Kung, Singapore Minister for Health addressing participants at SMU ROSA's Annual Symposium on Successful Ageing.
Published on 1 November 2023
Will we have planned well enough to live well in our golden years, especially if some form of long-term healthcare is needed? How well do we plan for retirement?
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A study by SMU’s Centre for Research on Successful Ageing suggests that just a third of older adults have a family doctor that they visit regularly.
Published on 27 September 2022
Do you avoid going to the doctor? Chances are, you're not alone — especially if you’re 57 or older. In fact, older adults are much less likely to visit a doctor than any other age group. While there are many reasons for this, fear is the most common. Fear of getting bad news, fear of being uncomfortable, or fear of spending money they don't have are just a few reasons why seniors may avoid seeking medical care.
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SMU's Centre of Research for Successful Ageing shared its recent findings in its 3rd Policy Roundtable. (Photo: Getty Images, Chinnapong)
Published on 23 May 2022
It comes as no surprise to an ageing population that social networks are pivotal for providing support to seniors.
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A study by the SMU Centre for Research on Successful Ageing found that segments of older adults remained less inclined to vaccinate against COVID-19.
Published on 5 October 2021
As of June 2021, the Singapore government has fully vaccinated almost half of the population in tandem with private clinics. This means the nation is on track to meet its goal of vaccinating at least 75 per cent of its 5.7million residents and citizens by October 2021.
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