Key trends & development in international mediation

Published on 6 January 2020
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mediation image

Podcast copyright: Singapore Management University.

As the profile of businesses engaged in disputes is now more diverse than ever, there is a need for dispute resolution mechanisms that are culturally responsive as well as internationally robust.  Mediation is one mechanism that offers a flexible and confidential forum for business to resolve their differences in an effective and efficient way.  Interest in mediation to resolve cross-border disputes has increased dramatically in recent years due to increasing access to the Internet and the growing number of smaller enterprises doing business internationally.

Nadja Alexander is Professor of Law at SMU School of Law.  She also heads the Singapore International Dispute Resolution Academy as its Director, and a prominent mediator, educator, consultant and writer.

In a recent study, Prof Alexander had identified some of the top trends impacting the nature and practice of international mediation.  She discusses these key trends and developments in this podcast.