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Published on 8 March 2024
Prof Lily Kong and Prof Timothy Clark with SMOO, senior faculty and staff and student leaders at SMU Open House 2024.
Prof Lily Kong and Prof Timothy Clark with SMOO, senior faculty and staff and student leaders at SMU Open House 2024.

SMU Open House is the University’s largest annual event for prospective students and is a key part of SMU’s efforts to attract future leaders to SMU.

This year’s Open House saw the largest turnout in SMU’s history, with more than 20,000 visitors to the SMU campus on 24 and 25 February 2024. Over the two days of the Open House, visitors were offered 118 information sessions, in-depth talks, and sample classes so they could get an idea of how their SMU journey could be.

SMU Masters Day, aimed at prospective postgraduates, was held on 24 February 2024, making this year’s event the first integrating both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and showcasing the full strength of SMU.

Students led tours of the campus on foot as well as on open-top buses.

Immersed in SMU’s unique pedagogy

SMU Open House 2024 provided a lively and dynamic place where prospective students could get acquainted with the SMU family and the education experience they provided. Perhaps the biggest draw was the opportunity to sit in on sample classes and get a taste of SMU’s unique interactive seminar style.

On top of this, the event had informative sessions in which visitors could hear from SMU professors and students and ask them any burning questions they had in a more informal setting. They could cover a wide range of topics from global opportunities and internships to questions about the University’s vibrant student life.

One of 118 information sessions held for visitors.

Anyone not certain about the major(s) they wanted to pursue had the chance to explore their interests and find out which majors would be a good fit for them at SMU’s one-of-a-kind “Find Your Major” generator.

The weekend also saw energetic student performances that wowed visitors, giving them a preview of some of the many student clubs at SMU. Visitors on 24 February also had the chance to try a variety of physical challenges at SMU Sports Open, while 25 February saw the return of SMU’s famous Animal Day – a warm day full of adoption drives, talks and lots of furry friends.

Special Interest and Community Service Sodality representatives giving an energetic welcome.

This year also saw the largest number of giveaways and prizes for Open House visitors, with more than 25,000 giveaways from event partners including Asepso, Coca Cola, Fuzetea, Innisfree, Sunshine Bakeries and more.

Showcasing SMU’s postgraduate strengths

SMU Masters Day was also a resounding success, drawing the second largest in-person turnout of 182 attendees to explore the diverse array of Masters programmes offered by the University.

Associate Provost (PGP Education) Themin Suwardy talking with prospective students at SMU Masters Day.

One of the highlights was the Alumni Panel: SMU graduates shared their personal experiences and insights gained from their time at the University, sharing how SMU’s Masters programmes had equipped them with the skills and knowledge they needed to excel in their respective fields.

Masters Day also saw an Industry Leaders Panel session titled “Navigating Success: Insights from Industry Leaders”, which featured illustrious alumni from various sectors sharing their expertise and advice on career advancement and professional growth.

At the conclusion of the Alumni Panel and Industry Leaders Panel sessions, attendees had the opportunity to engage in one-on-one programme counselling sessions with SMU admissions representatives. These personalised sessions allowed prospective students to address any queries or concerns they may have regarding programme requirements, admissions procedures, and academic pathways.