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‘Terms of Use’ & the privacy hot-button

Assistant Professor Eliza Mik
‘Terms of Use’ & the privacy hot-button

Podcast copyright: Singapore Management University.

With Internet being an integral part of our lives, many of us are vaguely aware that our personal data is being collected, our search histories tracked, and our preferences analysed; however, we do not truly have oversight nor much control over who is peering behind our shoulders, or how our personal information is being used.  How much privacy do we have?  Can we block this data-collection?  How can we regain control?

Assistant Professor Eliza Mik from SMU’s School of Law specialises in research relating to regulation of e-commerce and the interaction between contract law and technology.  In this podcast, she discusses the implications behind the ‘Terms of Use’, a contractual agreement which governs all our activities online.  She also shares her insights into the potential risks, and what individuals and governments can do in response.

August 2015