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Accounting and Corporate Governance

The Role of IT in Accounting

Associate Professor Seow Poh Sun
The Role of IT in Accounting

Podcast copyright: Singapore Management University.

Information technology has impacted accounting processes in many ways.

The rapidly evolving relationship between accounting and information technology means accountants now need to understand how technology impacts business, and how it can be used to improve operational efficiency, achieve regulatory compliance, support financial reporting and management and even increase revenues. They must also have an appreciation for how to capture and communicate technology needs for their business.

In short, the accountant of the present and future must be technologically savvy to be relevant, and universities are preparing new graduates for this challenge.

One SMU academic who is helping to shape tomorrow’s accountants to take on this challenge is Associate Professor of Accounting (Education) and Associate Dean (Teaching and Curriculum) of the School of Accountancy Dr Seow Poh Sun.

In this podcast, Associate Professor Seow, whose research interests include accounting information systems, behavioural issues in accounting and accounting education, talks about the development, design and analysis of accounting information systems.

May 2014