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Transport and Logistics

Integrating retail & logistics for successful omni-channel retailing

Associate Professor Lim Yun Fong
Integrating retail & logistics for successful omni-channel retailing

Podcast copyright: Singapore Management University.

Digital retail sales in Asia-Pacific are growing faster than any other region.  Asia-Pacific also outperforms the rest of the world in terms of the share of its total retail market transacted online.  This phenomenal growth has significant impact on e-commerce vendors and traditional merchants as they adjust their strategies in order to stake their claim in the evolving landscape. 

Lim Yun Fong is an Associate Professor of Operations Management at the SMU Lee Kong Chian School of Business.  His research centres on workforce management, as well as omni-channel retailing & distribution, e-commerce, warehousing & fulfillment, inventory management, and sustainable urban logistics.

In this podcast, Associate Professor Lim discusses the key developments and trends in the retail sector, and shares his insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by retailers today.

March 2016