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Business and Corporate

Enhancing Business Competitiveness through Operations Management

Associate Professor Michelle Cheong
Enhancing Business Competitiveness through Operations Management

Podcast copyright: Singapore Management University.

Information and technology are indispensable to modern living and businesses.  As the business environment evolves, new and more complex challenges will arise.  The SMU School of Information Systems (SIS) is helping companies tackle business challenges that span technology, consumer behaviour and a range of social issues by building solutions with data analytics, and by employing its multi-disciplinary problem-solving toolkit which encompasses statistics, econometrics, data mining and machine learning.

Associate Professor Michelle Cheong, who is the Associate Dean of Postgraduate Professional Education at SIS, conducts research in areas such as Intelligent Systems and Decision Analytics, Decision Support Systems, as well as Heuristic Search & Optimisation.

In this podcast, she shares her research on Operations Management, how it benefits businesses, the innovative ways of teaching Operations Management techniques at SIS, and her future research direction.

November 2015