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Business and Corporate

Directors’ duties – Law versus Perception

Professor Pearlie Koh & Associate Professor Tan Hwee Hoon
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Podcast copyright: Singapore Management University.

The law on Directors’ duties is an important part of corporate governance.  It is therefore unsurprising that a large part of existing research focuses on understanding what the law requires and how it applies in different situations.  Such research is however largely reactive.

Taking a fresh perspective, SMU Associate Professor of Law Pearlie Koh and SMU Assoc Prof of Organisational Behaviour & Human Resources Tan Hwee Hoon collaborated in a multi-disciplinary research which examined how company directors in Singapore understand the law as it applies to them, the gaps in awareness, and whether the laws and regulations work as envisaged.

In this podcast, they discussed the details of this study, which is expected to form a valuable basis for further research in the future.

September 2019