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Boundaries and Borders

China-US Relations

Professor James Tang
China-US Relations

Podcast copyright: Singapore Management University.

As the momentum of economic growth moves to Asia, both the United States and China are rebalancing their foreign policies in the region.

In 2012, President Barack Obama unveiled a new security strategy that emphasised a shift or "pivot" towards the Asian region, reflecting worries over China's growing military power.  China’s increasing appetite for involvement in the region on the other hand has largely been centred on economic engagement.

Professor James T.H. Tang, Dean and Professor of Political Science at the SMU School of Social Sciences, is a specialist in international relations with special reference to China/Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific region.  Professor Tang has published extensively in his field and serves on the editorial boards of a number of academic journals including Asian Politics and Policy, Journal of East Asian Studies, Pacific Review, Political Science and International Affairs of the Asia-Pacific.  He is currently working on a project about the implications of the rise of China for international relations theory and regional governance in East Asia.

In this podcast, Professor Tang shares his views on the two major world powers and their relationship with Southeast Asia.

January 2014