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Social Fabric and Quality of Life

Capturing insights into ageing Singapore

Stephen Hoskins
senior image

Podcast copyright: Singapore Management University.

The issues facing a growing silver population are gaining ground.  Singapore’s baby boomers are now exiting the workforce.  Would those approaching retirement have enough resources to maintain their current standard of living?  Would future policy changes in healthcare, housing and pension impact their retirement adequacy?

Facing a rapidly ageing population, Singapore is presented with urgent policy challenges.  Yet there is very little data on the economic, health and family circumstances of older Singaporeans.  In response, the Centre for Research on the Economics of Ageing, or CREA, at the Singapore Management University has been collecting monthly data on a panel of Singaporeans aged between 50 and 70 years, resulting in the Singapore Life Panel®, or SLP.

SMU’s Prof Bryce Hool and Prof Rhema Vaithianathan detail the methodology by which the SLP was constructed, in a published paper titled High-Frequency Internet Survey of a Probability Sample of Older Singaporeans: The Singapore Life Panel®.  In this podcast, Stephen Hoskins, Senior Research Associate at CREA introduces the SLP and how it yields rich and remarkable insights to Singapore’s ageing situation.

Additional Info

High-frequency Internet survey of a probability sample of older Singaporeans: The Singapore Life Panel - by Rhema Vaithianathan, Bryce Hool, Michael D. Hurd, Susann Rohwedder

August 2019