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Innovation and Technology

Big Data Analytics

Steven Miller
Inflation Insights - Singapore & Beyond

Podcast copyright: Singapore Management University.

As the first autonomous, public-funded university in Singapore, SMU has been constantly reinventing both its pedagogy and curriculum to keep up with the times and to remain relevant in a knowledge-based economy.

The University is aiming to become an Asian knowledge hub for business and management; one of the areas in which SMU is making global impact and has projected thought leadership is its work on Big Data Analytics on social trends.  This is an area where much multi-disciplinary research has been carried out by SMU’s School of Information Systems, involving the University’s five other schools of accountancy, business, economics, law and social sciences.

Big Data Analytics is the process of analysing and examining large volumes of data of a variety of types to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and other useful information.  The findings from such analysis can help organisations better understand their consumers and markets, or help companies make better decisions and possibly gain competitive advantages.

In this podcast, Professor Steven Miller, who is SMU’s Vice Provost for Research and Dean of the School of Information Systems, shares his insights on the Analytics Area of Excellence across SMU.

October 2013