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Innovation and Technology

Artificial Intelligence & data protection in Singapore

Associate Professor Warren Chik
A.I. image

Podcast copyright: Singapore Management University.

Data has emerged as the most important driver for modern economic development. New industries have arisen from the use of data with personal information as the core asset, while many traditional models of business are ‘disrupted’ or drastically transformed.  Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has also become an integral tool for the management and processing of data, including personal data, as it provides greater accuracy and capability.
How should the use of A.I. in data management be regulated and should it be treated any differently under the data protection regime?  What role can A.I. play in regulating the use of personal data and as a cybersecurity tool?  Is creating a form of propertisation of personal data and ‘data ownership’ useful?  These are just some of the lingering questions that regulators and organisations are currently grappling with.  Central to the issue is how A.I. can best serve and safeguard humanity’s interests.
Warren Chik is Associate Professor of Law at SMU School of Law, and concurrently Deputy Director at SMU’s Centre for AI and Data Governance.  In this podcast, he shares his recent research into Artificial Intelligence and Data Protection in Singapore, which takes a deeper look into consumers’ trust, organisational security and government regulation.

April 2020